HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location, HERE empowers its customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely.

With headquarters in Amsterdam, and development sites that span Chicago to Berlin and across to Mumbai, they are a global team united with a shared passion. From data scientists and software developers to product engineers and mapping specialists, HERE brings together a range of experts to build a better future for location technology.

By partnering with world-leading automakers, they power 4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems in North America and Europe. They also capture the world in three dimensions, readying for an autonomous future .

Working closely with the Journey Analytics team, HERE provides traffic and road network insights including road speed, roughness and origin/destination information. This allows traffic movements to be analysed to support government and business planning and investment prioritisation, and allows trends in road network performance to be monitored over time .