We turn movement data into valuable insights

Motivated by a desire to improve insight into one of the greatest infrastructure challenges, Journey Analytics turns vehicle and people movement information into insights that help businesses and governments make informed decisions about road networks, public transport infrastructure and, ultimately, where investment can deliver the best outcomes.

Road network performance analysis

  • analysis of trends in road network speed, reliability and safety performance metrics
  • development of metrics to direct road safety programs
  • analysis of routes and localised congestion
  • quantifying the impact of investments on road performance
  • analysis of origin/destination, demographic and transactional patterns
  • analysis of road roughness to inform maintenance prioritisation

Public transport performance analysis

  • bus on-time running
  • support for performance service level outcomes
  • operational decision making
  • timetabling
  • support for public transport investment bids

Customer market analysis

  • geographic catchment analysis for shopping centres, industries, ports, airport
  • demographic, spend patterns and income characteristics
  • transport mode analysis
  • origin/destination insights

Footfall analysis

  • people movement analysis
  • purpose of trip
  • demographic, spend patterns, income characteristics for geographic locations